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Coirmates India Located at the heart of GODS OWN COUNTRY, at Alleppey, our concern is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of coir Geo-Textiles and Doormats. Our Company is an ISO 9001 certified, posses experts in coir and making products out of it. The traditional knowledge that is being preserved makes COIRMATES the best maker of coir products. we are equipped with traditionally skilled and experienced manpower, which are the backbone of our Company.


We are one of the most leading manufacturer and Exporters of coir erosion control products and all types of door mats.


Our Vision is to be a global leader of quality Coir, Geotextiles, Coir Rubber, Combination Mats and Rubber Mats.


Our Mission is to build up a strong viable and long term relationship with our customers by providing them excellent quality product confirming to their specfications.

our Products

  • Coir Geo-Textiles

    • Coir Geo-Textile Rolls
    • Coir Log Round
    • Coir Log Square
    • Coir Log with Pipes
    • Coir Geo-Bed
    • Coir Sand Bag
    • coir Geo-Cells
    • Coir Geo-Pockets
    • Jute Geo Textiles
    • Coir Net Pressed
    • Coir Sheet Pressed
    • Coir Geo-Cells
    • Coir Netting With Pockets
    • Coir Net
    • Coir Yarn Spool

  • Coir Doormats And Rubber Mats

    • Eco Freindly Door Mats
    • Coir Matting
    • Coco Rubber Brush Mats
    • Rubber Pin Mat
    • Rubber Grill Mats
    • Rubber Stable Mats
    • Coco Rubber non Brushmat
    • Fiber Mats
    • Restaurant Mat
    • Rubber Hollow Mats
    • Ramp Mats

  • Other Door Mats

    • Polypropylene Mats
    • Holander Mat
    • Bootscraper Mats
    • Rubber step Mats
    • Rubber grass Mats
    • Jute Mat
    • Jute Rug
    • Jute Sheets


We always strengthen sincere effort, intelligent direction strengthen the Quality of our products linked through simplification of design, manufacturing, Layout, Processes, and Procedures.
Quoting the most competitive price
Strict supervision of packing and forwarding to ensure the safety of goods.
Extending proper care wherever required, even after sales.

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